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15th August 2007

meg_and9:55am: WE HAD IT WRONG ALL ALONG!
It wasn't Krispy Kreme.. It was DUNKIN DONUTS!

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30th January 2003

kateisozzy9:24pm: Kate's to-view list
So this is what I have, thus far, after a few days of brainstorming, This is what I need to watch, period--just to have seen it--or watch again in the name of film study. Just about all of them are movies, though a couple are anime series and one's a British comedy series. The key (for the individual titles, anyhow) goes like this:

bold - movies I have seen all of at least once.
italic - movies I have seen at least part of, but not all of
plain - stuff I haven't seen or have only seen a very, very tiny part of

Some were directly suggested, some is stuff that everyone's seen, some are titles that I've heard thrown around and caught my ear for some reason or another.

Suggestions are encouraged, welcomed, and indeed begged for. If you want to reinforce a particular movie on this list, or warn me about one (just because you say it sucks won't prevent me from watching it... because there is still something to be learned from even the worst films), feel free.

here we go, thenCollapse )
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kateisozzy12:54pm: here we go, then
I've got the beginnings of this set up... obviously the design needs work, and the interest list needs augmenting... taking suggestions for that, of course.

New members will be added as they are inducted into our ranks in an official capacity.

Plot ideas and other such sensitive info are to be in locked posts only (trying to see how to go about filtering a post so only community members can see it); anything else is at the poster's discretion.

Mostly this is to centralize the resources we find--books and web sites we found helpful, movies to watch, and other stuff. And later on, as it says in the bio, we can use this as a blog for announcements and such.

So yes. I'll be posting the 'to view' list shortly (lj-cut for your convenience) as well as the working list of resource site links I've got bookmarked. When y'all get the chance, I encourage you to do likewise.

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kateisozzy11:42am: testing...
one two three!
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